Our pool collapsed in the winter of 2010. During 2011 we got three estimates from pool contractors to demolish the pool. Bedford was mid-priced, but we went with them because their reputation was well established and they were up-to-date on their licensing. They offered to handle all of the regulatory paperwork, but I did as much as I could to expedite the job so they could fit us in easily. I put a deposit in on February 9,2012 and they finished the job by the 15th.

They are excellent!  Responsive and very polite on the phone. They come over quickly and are very professional and helpful. When you call them with a problem, they know you by name and are over to your house in an hour!  They clean the pool and add chemicals as needed.  They also polarize the pool and open it up in the spring.

I would recommend them, and I would use them again myself.  They’re a good company all around!